Friday, December 8, 2017

A Guilty Pleasure For Friday...

Yes, it is Friday and you have to admire the beauty...of Iowa-class battleships, especially The Mighty Mo, and their main caliber guns...wink, wink...

Even People With Half-Brain Knew It All Along.

I don't think that MSM revealed anything here that hasn't been known for awhile to anyone with even basic logic. It was a PR sham all along. 

Defector says thousands of Islamic State fighters left Raqqa in secret deal 

  ...he told Reuters in an interview that the number of fighters who were allowed to go was far higher and the account of a last-ditch battle was a fiction designed to keep journalists away while the evacuation took place. He said a U.S. official in the international coalition against Islamic State, whom he did not identify, approved the deal at a meeting with an SDF commander.
Even pathetic neocon rag Newsweek reported on that. What is interesting here is how this whole thing will go with Israel's almost open support for takfiris and with Trump, in effect, declaring Jerusalem a capitol of Israel. I defer it to Colonel Lang who is a professional in the area:

IMO there will be no peace for Israel ... 

One phrase stands out in his piece:

Will the Muslims ever trust the US again to act as an honest broker? Dennis Ross badly damaged our credibility.  Is it completely gone - perhaps forever?  

Syria (after Ukraine), in my very humble opinion, changed not only regional, Middle East, but global dynamics and it is inevitable that many Arabs do turn back to Russia as I type this. In general, Umma seems to be in a rather welcoming mood, once one considers that couple of RUAF (VKS) TU-95 strategic bombers just two days ago were greeted in Indonesia--the largest Muslim nation in the world. So, a lot is going on right now.

Remember what Russia "sells" today--it is not just oil, gas, fighter planes, nuclear power plant, or space stations. Russia's main export today is (geo)political stability--the price of this product cannot be easily calculated in money, albeit monetary, and gigantic at that, value is there too. This is an extremely hot commodity in the world today--from Middle East to Asia-Pacific. It is a dramatic turn of events and there are many buyers for that commodity--some want just part of it, others want a Full Monty. This is how the new world order emerges.    

A Rail Gun Myopia.

Make no mistake--I get it: new technology, electric power, some futuristic looking setup and a nice demo pictures and... and... drum roll--a promise of new capability. This is how the US Navy's Rail Gun program was and is being "sold". For people who are not well-versed in naval warfare I may make a simplified description of several major geometric figures which define it:

1. A straight line (angles--bearing, azimuth, course, path etc.). The derivative of this line is a directed segment aka vector--matters great deal; 

2. A sector--well, it is self-explanatory;

3. Most important: A Circle--it's radius being a range of anything from radar to weapons. It's first derivative being a sphere which either protrudes (with great deformations) up--into the air, or down--into the water. 

Why is this important? It is important since this is how any decent naval professional views the world around himself when at the sea on a combat patrol.  Modern combat technology increased the radii of those naval circles tremendously, that, in its turn, brought a revolutionary change to naval and air (and even ground) combat. This became possible, apart from generally incredible development of C4ISR capabilities, due to the combat ranges of  anti-shipping cruise missiles (ASCM) growing by the order of magnitude since 1960s. And here is the issue: we already know that we live in a hyper-sonic paradigm with modern ASCMs capable of launch almost 700 kilometers (700/1.852=378 nautical miles, or 437 statute miles) from the target just on target's current (or even obsolescent) geographic coordinates. For air-launched ASCMs such as X-32 the range grows to 1000 kilometers. The salvo of missiles launched from the surface combatant or from submarine from this maximum distance will reach the position in between 20 and 5 minutes--depends on the velocity. Now draw the circle with the radius of 700 kilometers--you may scale it (say, 7 centimeters) on the piece of paper to do so. We count the area: pi x 700^2= 1, 538, 600 sq. kilometers. This will be, roughly, of course, the area you would be able (granted reliable targeting information) to cover with you ASCMs, apart from the fact that your ASMC DO have active radar (and other) seekers which have the range of detection of surface targets up to 70 kilometers. Here is what the area of 1.5 million square kilometers looks like, roughly. 

This is the circle--range which allows one to keep under the aim the territory which is roughly a half of Western Europe. By 2020s we all will live in a hyper-sonic (M=5+) cruise missile paradigm. We also know that 3M22 did reach M=8, we also can see ranges to grow even further, AI becoming even more sophisticated, trajectories varying from sea-skimming to stratospheric extreme maneuvering--all making those missiles NON-interceptible by any existing and short to mid-term perspective anti-missile means. And the question then is this: which new "capabilities" does the rail gun program provide? The answer is--none, zilch, nada. 

The Navy’s Much-Hyped Electromagnetic Railgun May End Up Dead In The Water

It is an interesting piece but I disagree with the title--it is not "May End Up", it already "Ended Up" as nothing but some technology demonstrator for hipsters. A Tesla of the weapon systems. It became a classic case of "polishing a cannon ball in hopes that it will fly further."  The projectile (which costs an arm and a leg) of rail gun flies with Mach=6? OK, did those rail gun enthusiasts check modern ships' designs as of lately? No, well--they better start learning fast that most modern ships will succumb to a regular high explosive shell of any modern naval gun with caliber of 76 mm and higher. But get this, boys and girls:

In 2015, SCO realized that the HVP, originally conceived as a specialized shell of the railgun, was just as effective when fired from a conventional powder cannons like the Army’s 105mm and 155mm M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzers and the Navy’s deck-mounted Mk 45 5-inch guns. A May 2016 report from the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment found that large caliber guns could fire an HVP between 10 and 30 nautical miles at Mach 3, faster than conventional unguided rounds. We thought railguns were something we were really going to go after,” then-Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work stated at the Atlantic Council in Washington, D.C. in May 2016. “But it turns out that powder guns firing the same hypervelocity projectiles gets you almost as much as you would get out of the electromagnetic rail gun, but it’s something we can do much faster.”
But, but they said that the round originally should fly the whole 100 nautical miles when fired from the rail gun. Assuming it would have been that (I doubt it greatly, but just for the sake of argument), this is how rail gun range would compare (rail gun in blue) to a capability of ASCMs:

Some will say that I miss the point and those projectiles would be great against some third world shitholes, but, wait a minute, against shiholes without any competent and well armed forces even regular shells are doing just fine. Same effect for a much smaller expense. Does it mean that those whom the United States got used to bomb with impunity into the stone age now developed an immunity to a classic 5-inch shell or good ole Tomahawk and now could only be scared shitless by new projectile fired from the rail gun? Obviously not, but now, as it was the case with Israel attacking Syria in 2013, modern ASCMs can easily out-range and outperform any projectile fired from any rail gun, especially when they have a good targeting and can reach far beyond the horizon. Will such missiles proliferate? You bet. They already do. Iran eventually will reach some serious anti-shipping capabilities, China and India--they are getting there. So, what will be the point then to bring the knife to a gun fight? This is the main, existential question to American R&D and procurement practices, which Colonel Daniel Davies called "an outright danger to the nation. Perhaps nothing exemplifies this threat better than the Pentagon’s dysfunctional acquisition system."
We entered a missile paradigm some time ago and today missile technology takes us to a completely new capabilities that change not only tactics, they change the outlook of operations and of strategy. No amount of the prohibitively expensive exotic and useless in real combat technology is going to change it. Ranges, velocities, maneuverability,  AI, stealthiness of missiles will only continue to grow until some new technological paradigm unfolds--probably with full robotics, actual combat lasers and other energy weapons which will change the nature of war, but for now: 100 miles range, projectile of M=6, try harder to impress anyone with any knowledge. For now, however, these good ol' guys don't go anywhere and they are there to provide relatively short range solutions both against surface baddies and against shore--a fraction of cost of the rail gun and a very satisfactory effect. 


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Top Gun? OK.

Remember this? Famous MiG-28 "Scene", LOL.

OK, here is the deal with SU-30 SM in Syria. I want to say immediately, however, if I would have been regiment's CO I would go bananas and would smack the pilot of SU-30 SM (and a bunch of the dudes in Il-76) with NSS (Non-adequacy to Service Status--Nesootvetstvie Sluzhebnomu Sostoyaniyu) and would ground him for a while for reckless endangerment and violation of about 3 billion protocols and manuals. Then, after the proceedings, in private, I would pat him on the back and say that he is one crazy SOB and that he has to control his instincts. But here it is--"inspection" of the cargo bay of Il-76 for a complete delivery of a load. Enjoy. That is a RUAF version of Crazy Ivan, or maybe of... "MiG-28 moment", LOL.



Wednesday, December 6, 2017

This Is How Victory Sounds.

All Islamic State's units in Syria have been destroyed, head of Russia's General Staff says. 
Syria is fully liberated from terrorists, all units of the Islamic State (IS) terror group (outlawed in Russia) have been destroyed, Chief of Russia’s General Staff, General of the Army Valery Gerasimov, said at an annual briefing for foreign defense attaches on Wednesday.

That simple.  No fanfares, no chest thumping--just matter-of-factly stating cold hard facts. Life will go on now in war ravaged Syria, some political settlement will be reached and Bashar Assad most likely will still win the elections. Meanwhile, Pentagon didn't waste time in crediting... US Coalition, not SAA, Russia and Iran, with defeating the Islamic State (in Russian). There is an English language version of rather strange statements from Pentagon. I don't even know how to comment on this anymore. Forget about decency but, hey, if Pentagon doesn't respect Russians (which is fine), how about respecting itself? Don't they understand that apart from looking stupid (not the worst case scenario), they actually humiliate themselves with making such statements. Yet, one mustn't forget how this blog started and I will remind how:

The crucible ofthe modern world we live in remains on the battlefields of the World War II. Itwas an event of unprecedented scale in human history. In fact, it dwarfedanything humanity had experienced before. The Allied victory over Nazism seemedto pave the way to a better future but things changed very fast. One way theychanged was the fact that, as David Glantz and Jonathan House note in theirseminal "When Titans Clashed" (pages 275-276):"...the Soviets,by rights, had an undisputed claim to the lion's share of the spoils of this victory over Nazi Germany. In Western perceptions, however, the political consequences of that victory deprived the Soviet Union of that right." Here, these two brilliant American scholars, make one substantial mistake--the claims were not "undisputed", the whole industry, from media to academe, was born to dispute and to completely pervert the history of WW II. This industry is alive and well and it continues to work to reinforce generally Anglo-Saxon, and American in particular, point that it was thanks to the United States that the Nazi Germany was defeated. One of the ways to do it is to, and you may have guessed it already, break the causality link and deprive one of a proper context.

But for those who think that it is all that simple, here is another example. Here I am giving a taste of a small piece of my manuscript (not edited yet): 

In the famous collection of the so called "green books", History of US Army in World War Two first published in 1965, in the conclusion of the volume dedicated to Ardennes, known as the Battle of the Bulge, there is a serious and entirely legitimate American complain about Red Army taking partial credit for preventing a "rout" of US Army in Ardennes. US Army not only had a completely justified but overwhelmingly strong case about what they called "Russian propaganda", when reacting to series of articles by Colonel Nikiforov, which traced Stalin's statements, who made such claims in 1948, later repeated by Marshal Grechko in 1960. [31] The fact of Churchill's telegram to Stalin with request for help with the situation in Ardennes, as well as Tedder's group traveling to Moscow on behalf of Roosevelt and carrying Eisenhower's message to Stalin, together with the box of cigars, were, indeed, used as an excuse to tie together massive Soviet offensive in Poland and to construe it as a relieving effort for Allies' benefit in Ardennes. That, of course, was not exactly the case: in reality, by the start of the massive Red Army Vistula-Oder offensive on January 12, 1945 there was very little doubt in mostly US Army being able to contain and reverse German counterstrike in Ardennes. But that is not what makes American case peculiar, it is the fact that this Soviet bending of the facts was presented as providing for the "untoward result for relations between east and west in post-war era." [32] Yet, from the distance of the years passed since the momentous events of WWII this complaint, however justified, seems almost trivial against the background of overwhelming majority of an American public, 55%, thinking US contributed most to defeat of Germany with only 11% thinking it was Soviet Union as one of many similar polls testify. [33] If those astonishing numbers are not the result of propaganda, one is then forced to contemplate how, other than propaganda, such a complete obliviousness to the basic facts of WWII could have been achieved. If Russians bent the truth in the case of Ardennes, what kind of bending did it take to convince that many people that corps, at most, level engagements in North Africa or Sicily, against by far not the first-rate German units and totally demoralized and refusing to fight Italians, defeated Nazi military machine?

Make your own conclusions. The pattern is, certainly, there. And, paradoxically, Soviet Ardennes "case" is not entirely without at least some merit: the Dietrich's 6th Army began its withdrawal to the Eastern Front  before the Vistula-Oder Offensive commencement.  This, however, in no way diminishes US Army's great fight and the fact that German offensive was stopped and then turned back entirely out of American resources and effort. Yet, read again marked in yellow and experience the language of the wounded pride. This pattern will continue to manifest itself and it will continue to go hand in hand with increasingly bizarre actions in foreign policy and war on the US part. These are the signs and symptoms of a serious decline.



Friday, December 1, 2017

The Greatest Battleship In History...

Which never existed, yet it captured imagination through Jeff Wayne's musical masterpiece of War of The Worlds with incredible raspy vocals of Chris Thompson of Mannfred Mann's Earth Band... HMS Thunderchild. 


Moody Blues, It's Friday.

Yes, it is Friday and when you want to feel this abyss which separates today's gutless reign of mediocrity with what once held an incredible promise... Well, I am waxing poetic here, just pure musical magic... 

How GOOD all this was, it is incredible. 

San Francisco, Go To Hell.

I am stunned, I am furious, lost for words. This is Kathryn Steinle--a beautiful, full of life, 32 years old girl who had a whole life to live. That is until she was killed by some illegal alien criminal.

Jury acquits Mexican man in San Francisco pier killing

I never liked San Francisco for a whole host of reasons ever since I visited it first time in 1992. Today I can say with conviction--this city, as well as many parts of South California, has nothing in common with America I know and love. I deplore this perverted city. Colonel Pat Lang pondered recently California abandoning the Union. I offered my opinion on that: 

 As Long as Northern Cali. from Redding up to Oregon's border remains, in my very humble opinion, that should be fine. Mount Shasta and its surroundings are gorgeous. The only real issue is, of course, San Diego's naval base. As far as the Southern California, especially its coast, is concerned--there is very little culturally American left in it. It increasingly becomes more bizarre with each passing year. Just a thought.  

This atrocity in SF is just another proof of a complete degeneracy of American coastal so called "elites" in general, and of SF liberals being an exhibit A of moral depravity in anything they do. I don't think this moral abyss is reconcilable. The fate of a killer of Kate Steinle is a great testimony to this fact. Yet another life brought to the altar of the "liberal" dystopian dogma gone completely off rails. 

P.S. Modern states start with their borders, no borders--no state, no nation.  

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

My New Article At The Saker's Blog.

Here is my latest piece on a travails of Russian Navy. The Saker asked me to share my thoughts on the issue--I gladly obliged. 

The Russian Navy at the crossroads: paradoxes and choices

Those who are interested in Russian naval strategic thought may find this further development and elaboration on my publications in US Naval Institute Proceeding and Blog to be of some value.  

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

It Is Official--3M22 Is Operational.

OK, what many suspected all along was confirmed today by former Commander of Russian Air Force, currently the Chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the Federation Council (Senate) Viktor Bondarev--3M22 Zircon is operational, together with exotic Skif (Scythian).  That, my friends, marks the end of the naval warfare as we know it--no worries, it was coming for some years now and should not represent any surprise. I wrote a lot on the effect which this weapon will have on the warfare, now it is in at least what usually is called IOC (Initial Operational Capability) and that means that all new Russian ships and submarines will be armed (if not already) with it. There is NO way today, and in the nearest future, that Zircon can be intercepted--simply does not exist in nature bar some CGI cartoons about some lasers. The fact that Russian-Indian project of Brahmos was confidently stating as early as two years ago that is was on its way of completing its Mach=5+ Brahmos version of hyper-sonic weapon should have served as a clue. Evidently Zircon is capable of Mach=8, that is roughly 340 meters per second x 8 = 2720 meters per second, or 2.7 kilometers per second, or roughly 1.7 miles per second. Good luck shooting that down. So, I have to now take it a little bit in since this whole thing changes completely Russian outlook on aircraft carriers and it explains a bit what I wrote in USNI Blog:

On 18 July, Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov dropped a bomb when he revealed that discussion on the development and production of a brand new Yakovlev STOVL (based on the ideas of the Yak-141) aircraft is in full swing must enter serious production in 2025.12 For the Russian CVN “trade union” and global navalists the news was devastating. Yet, this announcement by Borisov indicated clearly Russia’s ever intensive doctrinal debate and struggle with the carrier issue because it was the Soviet/Russian Navy that developed and today deploys an array of ASCMs designed precisely to make large, expensive CVNs obsolete. The Russian Navy knows the capabilities of its missiles. It also understands that the U.S. Navy, as well as other serious navies, inevitably will break the hypersonic barrier, as well as develop a genuine distributed lethality, and this will rewrite the rules of naval warfare. Already, the U.S. Navy deploys some long-range subsonic missiles, such as the LRASM, whose salvo is extremely difficult to defend against. With long-range hypersonic technology, in a hypothetical Russian case, something as expensive as the proposed Storm-class carrier in battle is simply providing for a fat, expensive, and prestigious target. In real combat, even damage to the decks of carriers makes them nothing more than a huge pile of metal incapable to launch or land fixed-wing aircraft. Russia’s power projection needs can be met by other means, especially against the background of the mediocre performance of the Admiral Kuznetsov carrier in Syria.

So,  here is your new brave new world of warfare straight out of comic books--let us just hope that it remains such, just pictures in some magazine.

Friday, November 17, 2017

There Is A Submarine Missing. SOS!

Argentina's Navy lost contact with one of its diesel subs with 44 hands. I don't believe in this statement since this is not how communications protocols work: 

The navy began an air and sea search on Thursday. On Friday afternoon, Argentina’s foreign ministry said that the U.S., British and Chilean governments had offered logistical support and exchanges of information to assist with the search.
A Chilean aircraft with the ability to search during the night was en route to assist, Chile’s Foreign Minister Heraldo Munoz said.

Let's just pray--and I do, despite being an atheist--that they will be found and saved. It is Friday and the news are not that good. Yet, it is still Friday and Soviet/Russian progressive/art rock stalwarts Avtograph once, in 1985 wrote a magnificent piece of music called S-O-S. I remember this music non-stop in my feverish mind when Kursk was dying.

UPDATE for 11/20/17: 

The news are not good:(( 

Satellite calls did not come from missing Argentine submarine: navy spokesman

The search is complicated by storm. 

UPDATE for 11/21/17: 

It seems that the storm calmed down somewhat. As some Russian submariners say, if to be very thrifty they may have enough oxygen for up to 10 days. 
Morales and other relatives of crew members have been gathered at a naval base in Mar del Plata, where authorities are coordinating the search and rescue operation.
My heart goes out to those people... These are forces, other than Argentinian, which are currently involved in search--good luck to them. My sincere admiration and wish of success to American, German, French, British, Chilean, Brazilian and other forces responding immediately to this situation. 

UPDATE for 11/22/17:    

Can this Thanksgiving give us some hope, a glimmer of it.  We all know, oxygen is running out. 

In Mar del Plata, locals hung sky blue and white Argentine flags, with inscribed messages like “ARA San Juan, the world is with you” on the chain link fence outside the naval base.“We are desperate,” resident Leandro Gamarra said outside the base. We want them to appear.”

And so do we all. 

UPDATE for 11/24/17: 



Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mr. Secretary, Get a Hold Of Yourself.

There are many American naval leaders who create a sense of admiration and professional respect, even among adversaries. Names of Chester Nimitz, Arleigh Burke, Elmo Zumwalt, David Farragut, of course, John Paul Jones (a Russian Navy's admiral), among many outstanding American naval officers, come to mind immediately. Former Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) John Lehman is not one of them, at least not for me. In fact, it was on Lehman's watch, Lehman, of course, being a naval aviator himself, that the foundation for a decline of the US Navy was laid. Of course, everybody can recall Reagan's (that is Lehman's) 600 Ship Navy, they also can recall how a mediocrity such as Tom Clancy was pulled out of his insurance agent job to start writing BS about Soviet Armed Forces (courtesy of John Lehman) but apart from bloated naval bureaucracy and arrogance, one has to also remember that Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Trost called Lehman "not a balanced human being".  Trost had a point, once one reads last assertions by John Lehman as presented by US Naval Institute:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. military is losing its technological edge, in part because Russian cyber forces have penetrated the defense industry and are stealing information, former Secretary of the Navy John Lehman said on Wednesday.

“We were used, in the Cold War, to having the current edge in technology, partially because the Russians adopted a policy after World War II to draft off our technology – so they designed their fighters to use F/A-18 radar because they knew they’d be able to steal them,” Lehman said on Wednesday at a Maritime Security Dialogue event cohosted by the U.S. Naval Institute and the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
“Today their cyber is so capable, even though most of the defense industry will not publicly admit it, but they’re right in from the beginning of the program with their cyber capability, so there is almost no lag. They’re not behind us, they’re with us in our [technology development].”
This is how Mr. Lehman sees how Russia is supposedly catching up to the United States technologically. I don't know, but if John Lehman, from the high position he held in 1980s couldn't figure out how and why Soviet Navy differed, drastically at that, in its views on fighting war from US military, I guess nothing will change it. No argument will be powerful enough to convince Mr. Lehman that in 1988 there was NO cyber-espionage. Did the Soviet Union in the past and Russia today spy and continue to spy on US? Hell yes, if they wouldn't, it would have been strange at best. But so does the United States which is in this business of spying, including cyber espionage, on USSR and Russia from the inception. As he states:

“If you look at their latest submarines, it’s pretty hard to project a real advantage sub-to-sub. [They] copied all of the technology off our submarine quieting, and they’re ahead in some of the offensive capabilities,” he said. “We have really fallen behind in technology, and we need to get back into that game.
1. If I may, I want to remind to Mr. SECNAV about this: 

Project 971 SSN (aka Akula in NATO) didn't become the "best submarine in the world" due to some espionage--it became such primarily as a continuous development of a whole host of technologies, from hull to sensors, to weapons which are unique--that means exists only in USSR/Russia--in the world. Moreover, prior to first Akula (in reality Schuka--a Pike) ever being afloat, Soviet Navy experimented with already very silent and powerful Project 671 RTM (Victor III-class) SSNs and, of course, cutting edge Project 945 (Sierra) SSNs--those boats being largest titanium man-made objects. All that was a result of not so much of espionage as of a very unique Soviet/Russian shipbuilding school which produced some of the most outstanding submarines in history. In the end, Soviet SSKs of Project 877 (Kilo-class) were extremely silent in 1980. Issues of both silencing and acoustics have been dealt with in USSR as early as late 1950s. Soviet Navy knew that its first nuclear subs were noisy and lacked good acoustics, hence the whole network of acoustic institutes which were opened in USSR. But let me get specifically to what is highlighted in yellow.

2. Russia is ahead in "some offensive" technologies not because of espionage but because of seeing a war for what it is, thus preparing to deal with any adversary based on reality, thus developing effective weapons. While John Lehman was pushing for more nuclear aircraft carriers, Soviet Navy was pushing for real weapons capable of sinking anything, those  carriers included. Here are some "offensive capabilities" which Russians sure as hell didn't steal from US and that is why Russia is precisely a world leader in them:

a) Mig-31 was the first fighter in the world with phased-array, electronically scanned radar and it had nothing, zero, to do with any F-18, since USSR was always one of the world's leaders in that field. 

b) In terms of anti-shipping missiles--it is simply ridiculous to even compare. Soviet Union opened the combat era of ASCM with venerable P-15 Termit, of which Israeli Navy is keenly aware, and today Russia possesses an unprecedented anti-shipping capability ranging from P-800 Onyx, 3M54 Kalibr to upcoming hyper-sonic 3M22 Zircon. There is nothing comparable in US Navy's arsenal--it is a very good chance that the espionage in this field is more on Russia from US, than the other way around. 

c) There is nothing, zero, comparable to Soviet/Russian Shkval, which will become even faster soon. 

d) A variety of non-acoustic sensors, initially as a help for relatively weak Soviet acoustics in 1950s and 1960s, now as a totally independent non-acoustic detection suites from wake to gravity, to completely new physical principles of detection and tracking targets--all of it being designed and produced in USSR and Russia totally out of own resources. 

e) In order for me not to continue with this long list of those purely Soviet/Russian technologies which have very little to do with spying (let alone cyber-spying) but are in the foundation of the world-class engineering and manufacturing of superb weapon systems, revisiting this might be a good idea

In general, the United States for all of its engineering, designer and technological undeniable genius does not have monopoly in any weapon systems which are designed for real war, not blowing with impunity some shit in the third world shit-holes, it is not the same as facing a salvo of P-800 let alone X-32s. While John Lehman was pushing for carriers, Soviets were pushing for the future of war and if the United States Navy, a Navy with undeniably impressive and heroic combat tradition, ended up, geopolitical considerations apart, with no real effective tools to fight a near-peer, let alone peer, John Lehman should blame only himself, not come up with this espionage BS, especially in regards to how Russians deal with hulls shapes and cavitation issues. But the notes of desperation are certainly there. I, however, can assure Mr. Lehman that Russia has NO any plans to sink a US Navy or attack US proper unless attacked first, but I am sure he knows that--of course he does, he was craving for fighting Russians in 1980s, not the other way around. Wasn't Admiral Trost talking about that when called him an unbalanced human being?

Iron Curtian, Now!

I am not being facetious--I mean it. Russia should erect an impenetrable cultural Iron Curtain with Europe. European degeneracy, led, of course, by France is becoming a clear and present danger to the DNA of civilization. In the latest news from France:

France mulls new law on sexual consent after men acquitted of raping 11-year-olds

But to their anger and to the shock of many in France prosecutors decided to only charge the man with sexual abuse of a minor (atteinte sexuel). Their reasoning was that “there was no violence, no constraint, no threat, and no surprise" on the part of the man to justify the charge of rape.Essentially they judged that she had consented to the sexual encounter because she was not physically forced into the act.

This filth must be stopped by all means. European pedophile lobby is slowly but surely succeeding in pushing their agenda and European law is a joke, moreover--European so called morality, especially the way it is reflected in many youth is a sign of Europe being done as civilization. I wish I was wrong and Professor Trifkovic is right when he speaks about overall moral European climate in general and Islamization in particular:

As recent political upheavals in Europe (Brexit) and America (November 8) indicate, the game is not up. Dar al Islam is not inevitably the end of the road. Tens of millions of Westerners are still endowed with feelings and reason, with the awareness of who they are. Their struggle to defend themselves against the World of Submission is just starting, even if the outcome is uncertain. In the face of historic uncertainty, true to their ancestors, it is to be expected that they will hold on to their patrimony.

I, somehow, begin to doubt the outcome, especially with despicable and vomit-inducing spectacle of sexual scandal ongoing in the US. I only have one question, if I would be groped or attempted to be raped by some sleazy Hollywood scumbag, what would prevent me from breaking his face to the point of it needing a serious plastic surgery? Evidently this is not an option anymore for many. Will we finally see the facts of Hollywood and Washington's powerful pedophiles and perverts outed? Western political and so called "intellectual" elites for the most part are filth and they are the ones who are largely responsible for what has already happened to the combined West and I am afraid it would take a devastating event to flush out this debilitating and poisonous virus.